Who Watched YOUNGER last night?

Thad’s unexpecting death shocked me in tonight’s episode! Am I the only one?



The fiance of Kelsey Peters, Thad Steadman, (played Dan Amboyer) died after a large steel fell from a sky high  crane, unexpectedly knocking him dead as he was in a heated conversation with Liza on the streets of the city.






Liza (played by Sutton Foster) warned Thad, that if he did not tell Kelsey that he’s cheating on her, she would . So here Thad went, in t
rying to save face by digging up dirt on Liza to blackmail her, in trying to stop her from sharing his secret.

FullSizeRender-4 IMG_2992

How did Liza find out that Thad was cheating on her co-worker/best friend?

In last week’s episode, Liza was invited to a networking event where assistants of big executives attended. Reluctantly Liza attended, only because her boss forced her to. As Liza was mingling around, she came across a group of girls who spilled the beans about rumors being spread that Thad was sleeping around with his assistant behind his fiancee’s back.

Disgusted by this news, Liza wanted everything they were saying to be lies, quizzically asking them if they were sure that it’s Thad, knowing that her friend’s heart would be broken if these allegations were true.

It was revealed later on in that episode, that these allegations were true , after an assistant had sent a video to Liza of Thad getting dirty with his assistant in the bathroom. What made it worse was that, all of this occurred on the same night and place where his engagement party was taken place. While Kelsey was on cloud nine jollying around at her engagement party, her no good fiance was cheating on her behind her back . Even after Liza implied that it looked as if Thad was flirting with his assistant in the corner, Kelsey waved it off. She stated that just because Liza had recently gotten out of a relationship, doesn’t mean that she had to try to rain on her party.

Yes, Liza was still heartbroken but all she was trying to do was look out for her friend . She wasn’t jealous that the fact that her friend was getting married, how could be be when the fiance is a lying cheating bastard?!!

This is why successful marriage rates are decreasing more and more as people see marriage as nothing more than just a title on a piece of paper. Why can’t people stay faithful to one person? If you know a relationship isn’t what you truly desire, than be honest and say so, instead of sleeping around behind your lover’s back.

I can’t wait to see next week’s season finale of YOUNGER!!




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