Is Justin Bieber still not over his ex Selena Gomez?

IMG_3022Is Justin Bieber reminiscing about his ex or was it just a publicity stunt to boost his record sales? That’s the question that a lot of us wants to know. The internet went crazy after Justin Bieber had posted an old picture this past Saturday of him kissing his ex Selena Gomez. 


Picture Source: Justin Bieber’s Instagram page.

One user wrote “Why is he doing this? Could you imagine what Britney’s 2007 would have looked like if Justin Timberlake had done throwbacks and shoututs? Man. Just leave the girl alone . Beibs.” In light of what she said, it would’ve been pretty awkward if Timberlake had posted a racy picture with his ex Britney in it especially since he’s married to Jessica Biel and recently became a father…

Another user wrote: “Please stop messing with her feelings unless you are seriously ready to commit to her and only her. Don’t play mind games that can truly ruin someone or even something worse.”

Surprisingly enough, a fan wrote that she thinks that Justin Bieber is better off with Hailey Baldwin than with Selena, after all Jelena seemed to have gone through a rollercoaster in their 3 year relationship.

On a positive note, there were fans that seemed excited at the thought of Justin and Selena reklinding their friendship. 

One Instagram follower wrote “Jelena, I’m so excited. Crossing fingers it’s true. True love never dies.” 

Another person commented saying “Wow I cannot believe this!!! I hope they’re back together forever!!!”

So what do you guys think?

It seems like it was just a publicity stunt in my eyes.

News had broken out of his relationship with Hailey Williams last year and now he’s reminiscing about Selena Gomez? While that is possible since people tend to miss things  the most that they didn’t appreciate(when they had it) so is  that the case here? Maybe, maybe not, after all I don’t know Justin Bieber personally .

I think that this random photo was posted as a way to bring attention to him, which ultimately would have an affect on his music sales. This isn’t something that’d shock me especially since  a lot of celebrities do that. If it’s not starting a fake argument on their social media, it’d be posting outrageous pictures that’d have the internet going crazy. Remember when Kim Kardashian broke the internet last year going nude on the front cover of the Paper Magazine?

Justin  Bieber is currently on tour for his album “Purpose,” so maybe his publicist thought posting this picture would help boost the sales of his to If tour tickets. Who knows? All I know is that, whatever the plan was, it sure brought a lot of attention to Bieber, which I bet he loves having.

Only time will tell guys. I know I’m not the only one that’s waiting for Selena to respond to Justin’s posting of this picture.












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