Many people are mourning  the death of 57 year old music prodigy Prince. He was most famous for his 1984 hit song “Purple Rain.”



What initially caught my attention was when I read one of my friend’s post an hour ago that read “I can’t believe that Prince is really gone.”

The first question that I asked myself was “where did he go?” I didn’t hear anything about Prince having an illness…even though I later found out that he had been battling a flu, according to reports made last week after his plane had to make an emergency landing to rush him to the emergency room.

I don’t know where I’ve been lately but I need to get my head out of the gutter and be more informed of the latest news.

Immediately, after reading the post, I googled “Prince,” holding my breath fearing that he died.

I saw a lot of publications that stated that at 9:43 a call was made from Prince’s Paisley Park estate saying that somebody had died.

For some time, a lot of speculations were made but Prince’s death wasn’t officially confirmed till his publicist Yvette Noel-Schure had released a statement that it was in fact him that died after being found unresponsive in an elevator.

His cause of death is unknown to the least for now…

Throughout my social media pages, people were sending out their condolences, many revealing how shocked they were about his sudden passing.

These were some of their comments:

“I’m a huge fan and I’m so torn right now. I have followed him all my life, I will truly miss you!!! Rest in peace Prince.”

“The world has lost a beautiful soul.”

“Another Icon died. Rest in peace.”

“Today the doves will be crying purple tears. RIP #PRINCE.”

He influenced so many artists that are now great, Usher, Justin, Bruno, Jason Derulo I can go on and on! Everyone always points to Michael but I have always seen the Prince influence! He was THE ARTIST!”

He did it his way and didn’t let the music industry & it’s corporate hold on musicians push him around! In my mind he was a bloke that literally could play any instrument that was put in his hands & could master and mold his heart, soul & gift for music

#BlackPowderCountysalute you!”prince002                                                                            


And sadly one guy wrote “Life is too short, don’t count on tomorrow.

I was given an opportunity to watch him perform a few months back. But I was busy with work and other duties that I passed on going to watch him, thinking that I’ll catch him the next time he comes back. Sad to know that I’ll never see that performance live. May you rest in peace, Prince.”

And another guy wrote “Are you really telling me that #prince and Michael Jackson are gone😔 …a big part of me died with both of them .they both have given me so much in life including great music,style and the keys to fit in.the strength to accept who I am and how I look… The worst part is that the next few weeks will be filled with nothing but reminders ….thank you ,thank you ,thank you😰for everything….R.I.P to prince Rogers Nelson-one of the greatest Artist of all time”



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