Will Tamar Braxton finally be telling us why she got fired from The Real??

imagePicture Source:MadameNoir.com           As I was just watching Braxton Family Values, a commercial came on where an announcement was made that Tamar Braxton will finally share the details next Thursday of why she really was fired from the Real just a couple of days ago. There was a media frenzy where a lot of her fans “the Tamartians,” had lashed out in anger stating that they would never watch The Real again without Tamar’s presence there . A lot of speculations were made regarding if her co-hosts had anything to do with Tamar being axed from the show. A lot of fingers were pointed towards Jeanie the most due to the obvious tensions seen on several episodes. Many called Jeanie fake for putting up a face for the camera . Through her facial expressions and her (sometimes rude) opposing comments made almost every time Jeanie spoke, it was made clear that Tamar was not a fan of the host of Asia’s “How Do I look,” show. Others thought that Loni Love had betrayed Tamar after Tamar had released a post on her Instagram account stating that somebody  had back stabbed her and claimed that it was neither her sisters not her husband threat smiled in her face and betrayed her behind her back. Many people even lashed out calling Adrianne Bailon a follower and how everybody but Tamera had voted on Tamar being fired, with hopes of keeping their job. Just two days ago, the comedian herself Loni Love had released a video (seen on YouTube: https://youtu.be/VgC-EuqosBc)  where she answered some of the questions that has been boggling a lot of people’s minds…especially that one question regarding if any of the hosts of The Real had taken part in the decision making of firing Tamar. She said no, that if any one of them had that kind of power to do so, they would have their own individual talk show. I can imagine how many people will be tuning in to next week’s show (at 9pm on the We Tv channel) to finally hear Tamar’s side of the story. I definitely will be watching! Am I the only one that wants to know if Tamar’s seat will be replaced by someone else on the upcoming third season of The Real??

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