I was scrolling through my Instagram news feed today and came across a picture of Brandy in braids posted by @TeaAlert. I was admiring her new hairdo, when my eyes glanced over at a comment where a person wrote that she looks like an alien . Anther person wrote “I think she contoured her forehead to make it pop. It can’t be real.” It’s very much real and there’s nothing wrong with that!  Growing up having classmates telling me that I have a five head, I got angry seeing people make fun of her forehead . That was my biggest insecurity growing up, always having to wear bangs just to cover up my forehead . The first time that I went to school with my natural hair (I was a junior in high school 4 years ago) without any bangs, people literally stopped dead in their tracks and were snickering about the size of my forehead. My friend at that time, had placed his head against my forehead and said “wow, my hand covers your entire forehead. No wonder you always wear bangs,” right in the middle of the hallway that caught the attention of other people . Haha, very funny 😒 I thought then . A girl I used to call my friend told me that I should stick to my bangs. Walking into my art class later that day, a lovely classmate of mine had “whispered,” “omg look at her five head.” Snapping my head back, I gave her a response that ultimately made her quiet for the rest of the class. If you’re going to talk bad about my forehead, at least say it quiet enough that I can’t hear it. I just don’t get some people…I don’t see anything wrong with her forehead, she looks pretty regardless of it . Why are people so fixated on her outer appearance as if she had chosen to be born with what they considered as a “big forehead.” Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!  Brandy is a beautiful actress that I grew up watching on my television screen , back when her Moesha show was on the air . Is it still on the air? I haven’t seen it on the Centric and BET channel in a long time. I wish they still played it regularly. 90’s shows like Moesha is one that makes many shows played these days look like garbage. It had actual substance capturing the lives of a close-knit family that many of us can relate to . The show didn’t focus just on drugs, sex and alcohol and the exploitation of females. Reality shows is real TV ? Not to me, bring back Moesha . Just like her character,  it’s evident that Brandy is confident in her own skin, and is quite the role model to me. She hasn’t been arrested , got in physical bar fights nor spends her nights getting high on drugs. I love you Brandy, your talent speaks volumes not your forehead !


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