Happy Father’s Day !

Picture Source: plusquotes.com

Happy Fathers Day everybody! What kind of things are you guys doing to show your fathers that you love them?? Going to the movies? Playing one on one basketball with him? What am I doing you may ask? Nothing because he’s never been an active role model in my life..especially since he lives in a completely different country and cares more about his work than his own child. It’s sucks but that’s just how life is sometimes. Growing up, I used to be upset about barely seeing him, but I’ve learned to accept it and keep living my life without him. For those who live with their fathers or talk to them regularly, appreciate them and spend quality them with today. It’s not even about what gift you have to go buy for him, that’s not necessary . Materials things you can always buy..but bonding with your dad isn’t something you’ll always get to do. Please don’t take that for granted . Have a great day guys!

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