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Picture Source: @AFashionatto on Twitter

In the midst of all the drama that has been spamming this nation lately (regarding the crimes surrounding innocent black folks like Philando Casttle, Alton Sherling, and Deray Mckesson) Bahamas officials have warned their residents to be careful when traveling to the U.S this summer.

According to US Magazine, Bahamas’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration had released a statement advising travelers to proceed with caution, and refrain from interacting and causing trouble with police officers.

“We wish to advise all Bahamians traveling to the US but especially to the affected cities to exercise appropriate caution generally. In particular young males are asked to exercise extreme caution in affected cities in their interactions with the police. Do not be confrontational and cooperate.”-

Because 90% of the population in the Bahamian country is made up of  African Americans , it’s imperative that incoming visitors not take this warning lightly .

As you can see from the trending #BlackLivesMatter movement, standing for your rights, protesting against the senseless crimes against black people can get you arrested and possibly killed. Look at Deray Mckesson, an activist and  an educator, who Baton Rouge officers had arrested last night in Louisiana after he and other civilians  were demanding for human rights .

#FreeDeray has been trending all morning as people are trying to figure out why there was an infringement upon his first Amendment.

According to the Constitution, under the First Amendment all U.S citizens have freedom of speech,press, practice their religions freely and the right to peaceably assemble.

Isn’t that exactly what Deray was doing? Peaceably assembling on the streets that’s vividly seen in his videos that he posted on his twitter page last night?

In one tweet, he wrote that he felt  the officers were provoking the protesters ,by displaying their weapons following them as they made their way down the street( others disagreed with his statement). Soon after, cuffs were placed around his wrists, trying to silence his voice.

The arresting of Delray and other black civilians have angered a lot of people, causing them to speak up on Twitter…

“He’s the closet thing we’ve got to an American superhero. #freeDeray”-@MariaKreizman said

“One day, when we are all equal, your grandkids are going to ask you what side you were on. Be proud of your answer. #FreeDeray”- @ColeLedford11 said

“It’s wild to me that KKK rallies can go on without fail but protesting about murder and systematic racism *something* happens #FreeDeray”-@daddymads said

“Called Baton Rouge PD; they’re waiting on a judge to call in and set the bond so everyone can be released. #FreeDeray. ” –  @Knottyyarn said

“I asked about the protesters’s physical safety; they said they were in a separate cell from regular pop. in central booking, no restraints.”- @Knottyyarn said

“This racist @WalshFreedom can threaten the Potus, but #FreeDeray can’t even protest against policemen?” -@RealBlkhippiee said

“Asking why you’re being arrestd is not resisting arrest. Exercising your first amendment rights is not breaking the law.”- @staypainterly said

“So @deray wasn’t read his rights…..Why is he still in jail? #FreeDeray. ” -@Dope_BigGir21 said

“This will be in the history books one day. #FreeDeray.” -@Nashatton said


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