Texas Couple Dies Hand in Hand After 58 Years of Marriage| Love Stories, Real People Stories Picture Source: KABB VIA CNN 

An elderly Texas couple of 58 years recently died just 3 hours apart, holding hands. Love stories like these are rare, considering the fact that there has been a drop in marriage rates over the years. According to www.mckinleyirvin.com, “the average length of a marriage that ends in divorce is eight years,” this hadn’t been the case for George and Ora Lee Rodriguez. 
According to http://www.people.com, they were high school sweethearts that met at a butcher shop in San Antonio while George had been enrolled in the military, before tying the knot and birthing 3 children. 
“My mother would always say that she was going to take my father or vice versa, and it did happen, we didn’t think it would, but it did,” their daughter Georgia Perez said recalling the night that her father George passed away in his sleep a few days after celebrating his 58th wedding anniversary. (http://www.people.com/)
Ora Lee died soon after, but their love didn’t .It will always be remembered.
“I just can’t believe something like this would ever happen, you hear this on the movies…like The Notebook,” their daughter Corina Martinez said.( Quoted from http://www.people.com)
 Both having been diagnosed with dementia were placed on individual hospital beds. George recently suffering from a stroke had their children vow not to keep their parents apart. In their final moments, they laid on their hospital beds , hand in hands, just like they’ve been doing so for all these years, fighting against the tempest of life.
Rest in Peace George and Ora Lee Rodriguez, you will be missed.
Source: http://www.people.com/article/texas-couple-dies-hand-in-hand-after-58-years-marriage?xid=socialflow_facebook_peoplemag

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