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Love sometimes make people go crazy, that’s an inevitable thing for a lot of us. But for one teen, many can agree to the fact that she went above and beyond  in trying to win her ex’s heart back, after she was blocked from all the social media accounts they once were friends on.

A guy, whose Twitter handle is @CabBish , saw a message that read ” I’m sorry okay?! I just f*cking miss you…”  on his television screen, according to  http://collegecandy.com/.

Saying how stunned he was would be quite an understatement, discovering that his ex Jessica had hacked into his DirecTV to write that message to him.

He took a shot of the message and posted it on his twitter account; that tweet has since been liked by over 147,000 people and re-tweeted over 79,000 times.

Jessica lashed out at him, after seeing the tweet all over the internet, by posting a tweet on her account( @Shes_almighty) that read “Why you posting our sh*t, that’s why I don’t bother reaching out to you anymore could’ve at least blocked by name.”

So what do you guys think? Was this a normal thing for Jessica to do?

Do you guys think that Jessica’s action in hacking her ex’s DirecTV, validated her ex boyfriend’s decision on why he made the right decision in breaking up with her? I bet he was creeped out. Who else would be?

She must’ve really liked him to do something like that, maybe I’ve never had DirecTV before, but if she’s smart enough to hack into his account, she could do just about anything in life. She should  focus her energy on building herself and moving past this relationship, because all roads (that’s not in her destiny ) eventually lead to a dead-end…this happened to be one. Do you think that they’ll ever get back together again?

Source: http://collegecandy.com/2016/07/15/directv-breakup-message-cabbish-twitter-tweet-details-photos/



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