A congresswoman stated that even though her look at last night’s DNC was not original ,her speech certainly was, poking a jab at Melania Trump.

All eyes were on Congresswoman Joyce Beatty last night  as she walked across the stage to deliever her speech at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Some people noted that it seemed as if Beatty had borrowed Trump’s dress right out of her closet, citing the close similarities of the two dresses.

“Beatty, 65, who represent’s Ohio’s third district, wore a long-sleeved white sheath dress with puffed sleeves,” while Trump had worn a white Roksanda dress (worth  $2,190) last week  (at the RNC)  on that very night where she had plagirized Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech, according to http://www.usmagazine.com/.

Putting the two dresses side by side, most couldn’t really tell the difference between them. They aren’t from the same designer.

Joyce Beatty

Joyce Beatty (left) and Melania Trump Courtesy ABC; Mae Astute/ABC/Getty


The only thing that stood out was the different accessories that they had used.  Beatty had worn a white pearl necklace with a few rings and two bracelets, while Trump kept the look pretty simple with earrings .

When Beatty was asked if she had intentionally stolen Trump’s look, she stated that her husband had bought her that dress to wear to the Democratic National Convention. She had no idea that one dress would cause such a media frenzy.

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-style/news/joyce-beattys-dnc-dress-is-a-near-match-to-melania-trumps-photos-w431654



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