Chandra Levy

Chandra Ann Levy of Modesto, California, poses in an undated file photo. Credit: Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department via Getty Images

A mother’s world was rattled upside down, after the charges were dropped against the man who had allegedly killed her daughter 15 years ago.

An announcement was made July 28th that there was insufficient evidence to prove that Ingmar Guandique, an undocumented immigrant from El Salvador, had killed Susan Levy’s 24 year old daughter  Chandra Levy in 2001.

Chandra had been an intern at the Federal Bureau of Prisons at the time of her disappearance on May 2001. It wasn’t until a year later that her remains were found in Rock Creek Park.

Levy’s family suspected that California Congressman Gary Condit had something to do with Chandra’s death (since they had been dating then). He was later found innocent and soon after that, Guandique became the focal point of an investigation as the potential suspect, due to his history of assaulting to other women in that same area that Chandra’s body was found.

Guandqiue was charged in 2009 and tried after his inmate Armando Morales told the court that Guandique  had confided in him with a secret that he in fact had killed Chandra.

Because of that, Guandique was sentenced to  60 years in prison for the murder but was “later granted a new trial last year after the credibility of that jail inmate was called into question, “according to http://www.usmagazine.com/.

The court had trouble believing the Morales’ allegations after Guandique had proved his innocence through a lie detector test that he passed.

Guandique’s lawyer requested a new trial, insisting that Morales’ testimony against him were false.

Because of that, a statement was released by the U.S attorney’s office, where they said that they were  dismissing the case filed against the suspect, since they were unable to prove ” the murder case against Mr. Guandique beyond a reasonable doubt,”according to The New York Times.” -http://www.usmagazine.com/

Upon hearing the news,Susan reflected on the judge’s decision  through  an interview with KCRA on July 28th, expressing how shock she is knowing that the truth behind who and why her daughter was killed has not been solved after all these years.

“I am sick to my stomach and am having trauma and grief all over again. We all want our truth. I want to make sure we find out the truth. My husband and I hope that justice is found for our family.”

She continued by saying “I always want justice. But even if I get justice, it doesn’t bring calm back to a family that’s been fractured by a horrendous crime like this. … I am feeling pretty shock right now, physically and emotionally not doing very well. It kind of like puts you back to the level of grief that you originally have.”

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