Picture Source: rollingout.com


A USC’s Fraternity, Delta Tau Delta, was scammed of $14,000 after paying a guy they thought represented Tyga as an artist. A brother from the fraternity had reached out to the scammer in trying to get Tyga to perform at one of their parties. When Tyga was a no show, they took action and made several attempts to contact the promoter and figure out why he hadn’t lived up his end of the deal.

When they didn’t get a response from the promoter, they then reached out to the LAPD to try to trace his whereabouts. Upon further investigation conducted by a private investigator that the fraternity brothers hired, they were able to find where the scammer had disappeared off to. They also discovered that the scammer already had a lawsuit filed against him from another group of people he had preyed thousands out of dollars from as well ( specifically $15,000 according to TMZ) .

According to http://www.complex.com/, the LAPD is currently seeking a  search warrant to learn more details about the owner of the bank that Delta Tau Delta wired the money to.

As of right now, no arrests has been made.

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2016/08/03/tyga-usc-frat-party-scam/



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