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Most kids at 8 years old are home watching cartoons and playing with their car toys and dolls, but not Jalen Bailey. Jailey Bailey, of Fresno, California, is whipping up a storm in his kitchen, with the hopes of baking his way to success to provide a bright future for him and his mom, Sharhonda Mahan.

Bailey launched his own  company, Jalen’s Bakery,  with the intention of one day having enough money to move out of their tiny rental home in California. He also wants to save up money for college and be a philanthropist to his community.

His business has been operating  in the comfort of his own home,  after he had  learned how to bake 2 years ago. Since then, he has been putting smiles on people’s faces with a wide variety of treats that he bakes from scratch which  includes sweet potato pies, banana nut muffins, strawberry donut cake and etc. FullSizeRender (3)Bailey made sure to price his sweets between $5 and $15 to entice a lot of buyers, which he has been doing successfully.

Mahan told ABC 360, that her son has been receiving a lot of requests for orders, and was even given the opportunity to bake for his very first event, as noted by the Huffington Post.

Aside from catering an event, he has attended a local networking event, where he had met a man that offered him a used oven for his sweets. Inspired by his mother, who’s an entrepreneur herself, has persuaded him to take on a project that many people would be scared to start.  When Bailey’s mom was asked how he’s holding up to this day, she said…

“He’s very excited. It seems like the more orders he gets, the more excited he gets and the more serious he gets about his business,” Mahan said cited from the Huffington Post. Seeing her son’s dedication to his business  led her to setting  up a GOFUNDME account, to raise $10,000. That $10,000 if received would help aggrandize the company into what her son hopes it to be one day.

“I said I wanted to be a millionaire. I thought it wasn’t possible but now I think it is,” Bailey said via the Huffington Post.

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/8-year-old-started-a-baking-company-to-buy-his-mom-a-house_us_57a89016e4b021fd98792dbe?



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