Minnesota Bureau of Criminal ApprehensionCREDIT: Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

A Minnesota native has been accused of kidnapping, murdering and dumping his co-worker’s daughter’s body in a swampy wooded area.

25 year old, Zachary Todd Anderson, was spending the night at his co-worker’s house, which was where he got access to his co-worker’s 5 year old daughter Alayna Ertl and abducted her late at night.Upon getting a hold of her, he stormed out of the house and drove off with her in his co-worker’s truck.

According to http://time.com/, police were able to track down the truck, a 90 minute drive from Alayna’s house to a cabin that Anderson owned. When they arrived to the cabin, Alayna and Anderson were nowhere to be found, and after continuous search, they found Anderson  hidden in a wooded area by himself about a quarter mile away, as stated by TIME .

In a statement released by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Anderson told the officers where he had disposed Alayna’s body, which was in a “swampy wooded area a few hundred yards from the cabin,”via http://time.com/.

Anderson was arrested today and is currently held in custody for the alleged crime of kidnapping and murdering the 5 year old. As of right now, Anderson hasn’t had any charged filed against him yet. He is due to appear in court sometime this week. Investigators are still trying to pinpoint the motive behind Anderson’s crime, whatever it is it is certain that Anderson undoubtedly will no longer be working at Alayna’s father’s company Vanguard,  anymore.



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