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Picture  Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/file:pasadena,_ca_police.jpg

A large house party in California turned chaotic in the early hours of Saturday when a man went on a killing spree, stabbing six people with a pocket knife.

According to TIME, the man acted alone, and  was taken into custody around 3:10 a.m yesterday morning. Lt. Vasken Gourdikian of the Pasadena Police Department, told TIME that 21 year old, Aaron Te, will  most likely be charged with attempted murder. Although police are still trying out what the exact motive was behind this crime, they revealed that a fight had erupted at the party moments before Te went and stabbed those six partygoers.

Citing from the source , the six victims, who are all “men in their early 20’s , are expected to recover, Gourdikian said. Two are critical but stable condition, and four suffered moderate to severe injuries.”

Source: http://time.com/4506686/pasadena-california-house-party-stabbing/



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