Picture Source: http://www.HipHopDetroit.com (via @Omen on Twitter)

Many shoppers have recently boycotted against Walmart over a  costume that they deemed racist.

Last week, online retailer Costumeish had  caused quite a stir in the media, after a  costume resembling Kim being tied up during her robbery incident, was put on sale and now a costume that looks like Tupac was put on the market .  According to http://www.HotHipDetroit.com, many folks on Twitter are angry with the “#casualracism,” that this product seems to be entailing, which is now sold out and is no longer on Walmart’s website.

Many people took to Twitter, to express their frustration with Walmart’s insensitive idea of even selling such an item…

One woman that goes by the name as Angie Ford (with the  Twitter handle @urbancitygirl64 ) wrote “Done with @Walmart. Murder of young Black man isn’t a joke.” -Via http://www.HotHipHopDetroit.com

Another wrote ” “@Walmart get rid of that racist af ‘thug life’ mask right now smdh.”- Kerika (@Kerika) -Via http://www.HotHipHopDetroit.com

So what do you guys think? Was Walmart in the wrong for selling a Tupac mask ?? Would you guys have purchased it?





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