MARYLAND MAN.jpgPicture Source: Montgomery County Police via CNN)


A 20 month old child was rushed to the hospital after she was found unresponsive due to the ingestion of prescription drugs. According to http://www.wfsb.com, authorities believe that her 38 year old father Jayson Hall, of Maryland,  may have played a vital role in his daughter’s near fatal accident and has been charged. Up until now, Hall has declared his innocence, stating that he would never hurt his child.

“She ate my pills. I didn’t put the top all the way on the bottle, so when she woke up she thought it was candy,” the Maryland resident said, according to http://www.wfsb.com

Police revealed that the 20 month old was found unconscious by her 13 year old brother who immediately had called his mother , who was at work at the time of the innocent. Upon hearing the news, the mother had rushed home to be by her daughter’s side as her neighbor (who was a doctor) was performing CPR on her daughter, until the ambulance had arrived. Via http://www.wfsb.com

Prior to leaving for work, the mother had asked Hall to move the bottle of Xanax pills off of the coffee table. It’s not sure if he had done that. But what police do know is that Hall had fallen asleep shortly after the woman left for work.

When asked where the Xanax and PCP came from, Hall stated that he was prescribed the Xanax and had received the PCP from his cousin.

Neighbors are at a loss for words, when they heard what had happened to the little girl.

“We’re still having the baby in prayer and we just pray for the whole family and the neighborhood,” a neighbor said. “That we just get through this and move on,” as noted by http://www.wfsb.com.

“I’m hurt to my soul because I have eight kids,” Hall said. “I never hurt any of my kids, OK? Ever.” He was released on $10,000 bail, authorities are still investigating this situation. -VIA http://www.wfsb.com

Source: http://www.wfsb.com/story/33455059/father-charged-after-toddler-tests-positive-for-pcp-xanax



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