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Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of fame star, that has been  numerously vandalized over the years, was reportedly destroyed this morning by a man who had disguised himself as a construction worker. According to the Deadline, a man named James Ortis , had smashed the star really hard at 5:45 a.m. , with  a pick-ax and a sledgehammer till the part where “Trump’s name” and  “TV,” was completely removed off the star.

All of this was caught on video.

Citing from the same source, the Republican presidential candidate had received the Walk of Fame star for his hit  TV show The Apprentice 9 years ago.

With a portion of the plaque in his possession, that is worth $30,000 according to TMZ,  Ortiz stated that he plans on selling the pieces in an auction, to help raise money for the legal defense cases of Trump’s sexual assault accusers.

Police have been notified about this incident and are currently looking into this matter. As of right now, no arrests has been made.


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