Picture Source:http://www.lovebscott.com/news


Trump is quite the influencer to say the least. With a president who has showed no mercy  towards minorities throughout his entire  campaign, vowing to secure the U.S borders  and end illegal immigration, it’s no wonder that more and more racial slurs against minorities have become quite a trend.

A Hispanic waitress at Dallas BBQ had recently served  a couple who  had been making nasty jokes about immigrants. Considering that the waitress was originally born in Mexico, she did not take their jokes lightly and was upset when she saw the “tip,” that her customers had left her.  On the receipt read ” Safe flight back to Mexico, ” basically telling her to go back to her native country.

This all started when several employees at the Dallas BBQ establishment had realized that the unidentified couple had plotted to flee the scene without paying for their meals.The couple had caused quite a ruckus, cursing as they were heading out. It was noted by , the restaurant’s owner stated that “The owner vows to build a metaphorical wall if they try to return.” via http://www.lovebscott.com/. 

Source: http://www.lovebscott.com/news/racist-customers-leave-go-back-to-mexico-tip-to-a-waitress


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