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After a certain age, our bodies can’t do the same things that we once did, that is why they say to live your live to the fullest when you’re young, because there comes a certain point in your life, where your body can’t operate as fast as you’d like.

A 50 Year old rapper had collapsed on stage as he was performing his hit song “Wild Thing.”

Anthony Terrell Smith, known by his stage name Tone Lōc, had to be escorted off the stage last night as he recuperated from his sudden fall. He eventually came back  and gave his fans the show stopping performance that they came for.

According to , TMZ had revealed that Tone Loc’s “fainting scare was just a fluke,” and had felt better once he was served some water. 

This wasn’t his first health scare though. reported that:

Back in 2013, he [had]  passed out during a show in Iowa. That time, the culprit was an apparent seizure. Loc reportedly lay on stage while being attended to by medical personnel for five minutes before people in attendance were asked to leave.

A similar incident happened during a 2009 concert in Florida. Loc was also hospitalized after blacking out during a show in 2011 and twice in 2012 for what his manager labeled heat exhaustion and food poisoning, respectively.

According to TMZ, Tone Loc is doing well today and has another show scheduled for tonight in North Dakota. He has been on the road since January, traveling from city to city on his #ILoveThe90s Tour, which is expected to run into the new year.




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