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Just a day after Carrie Fisher’s death, the world now has to say goodbye to a beloved actress, that many grew to love for her iconic role in Singin’ in the Rain. Others remember her as “Grandma Aggie,” from the hit Disney movie “Halloweentown.” She was an actress, a philanthropist, a business woman, but most importantly, she was a mother that her son, Todd Fisher,  now has to bury along with his sister.

News had broken out earlier today (December 28th) of Reynolds being rushed to the hospital after suffering from a stroke. 

Page Six reported that in the hours following her daughter’s death on December 27, Reynolds was very distraught, as she was discussing the funeral plans of Carrie. 

According to E NEWS, Fisher revealed that his mother’s last words spoken this morning was that she was under a lot of stress and wanted to be with Carrie.

And so she went , leaving behind her grandaughter Billie Lourd and her son Todd Fisher, who shared that this his mother’s health had been declining over the past few years.

Earlier this year, Todd told ABC News that “When she [Debbie Reynolds] was in the hospital and barely recovering from an operation, she had a small stroke. She could barely talk but she sang with me, ‘Me and My Shadow.’ She was able to sing the song, she knew the whole song. ”

Music is what had helped her cope with her health scare,until the passing of her 60 year old daughter. 

Many celebrities shock by her sudden passing, took to their social media accounts to share their condolences this evening…

Debra Messing, who had played as her daughter on Will and Grace wrote on Twitter: “So heartsick. Debbie went to be with Carrie. It’s such a devastating 1,2 punch. She was my “mom” for years & I loved her dearly. A legend.”

“I love you billie. so so much. rest in peace, Debbie Reynolds.”- Ariana Grande

“Sending so much love tonight to a family that brought so much light to this world. Rest in ❤ Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.”- Olivia Munn

“So blown away and saddened by this Debbie Reynolds news, a day after her daughter, Carrie passes away. So much luv and strength to their family.”- Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson

“Debbie Reynolds was pure class. She was loving, beautiful, unsinkable. I feel sorry for anyone who never got a chance to meet her.”- Larry King



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