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Social media has become so big, that nowadays one should think twice before uploading anything to their online media accounts, for whatever you post can potentially cost you your job.

A high school teacher reluctantly resigned from his position after he had posted some racist comments against Michelle Obama on his Facebook page.

In his since deleted comments, Trent Bennet of Malvern, Arkansas,  referenced the first  lady as “Michelle Obummer … America’s First Chimp,” according to http://www.lovebscott.com/news/.

He went on to say that “the difference in the riots…in 1776 they were busting the things that were being taxed and symbolized the oppression.. The (bleep) monkeys are just using it as an excuse to loot and steal like lowlife (bleep). No statement being made except ‘look at what a son of a (bleep) I am, ‘” as noted by http://www.lovebscott.com/.

An argument among strangers had quickly sparked.

In defense he wrote, “Just good to see that nasty chimp and her spider  monkey husband gone for good,” according to KARK.

Refusing  to condone such a behavior,  a representative from the Malverm School District had released a statement stating that Bennet’s remarks was insensitive and inappropriate.

The local NAACP chapter  had mailed out a letter to the Malverm School District, insisting that Bennet be fired from his job.

Two days later,news had broken out that he had resigned, to which had been accepted by a 6-0 vote made by the board members of the Malverm School District.

Later that day, Bennet had made a public apology.

“I acknowledge that they were disrespectful and offensive,” he said, a local NBC News affiliate reported. “I am aware of the impact this has had, and though I negate that I have ever conducted myself in a less than professional manner in regard to my students, I have resigned my teaching position at Malvern High School. I have also removed my social media presence to prevent any future issues, ” according http://www.lovebscott.com/. 

Source: http://www.lovebscott.com/news/arkansas-teacher-resigns-following-outrage-michelle-obama-americas-first-chimp-comments

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