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Source: http://kulturekritic.com/2016/01/latest-posts-2/blacks-students-in-a-brooklyn-high-school-uses-hashtag-to-raise-concerns-over-racism/

Another day, another sex scandal.

A music teacher at Brooklyn Technical HS was accused of having sexual relations with one of her male students.According to the NY POST, Marisa Cazanave, 33 denied having an affair with the teen, even after the teen’s mother found dozens of exchanged emails and texts on her son’s phone that proved otherwise.

The city’s Special Commissioner of Investigation’s report revealed that the two were in love and had planned a special “outing.”

In an email dated back to May 7th, married Czananave poured her heart out to him, stating that he made her “unbelievably happy.”

She continued by saying that“I honestly cannot reason how spending your time with me and sneaking around instead of time with your friends seems like the better way to spend your free time.”

He responded by saying that “You feel like home and when I’m holding you in my arms time freezes and all of my worries and problems fade away for that moment. I know from the deepest part of me that this is real and that regardless of what happens you are the one for me . . . I love you, as noted by the NY POST.

According to the SCI, the teen confessed a few months later to his father, that their relationship was only two months old and expressed how careful his teacher had been.

When his mother had  confiscated his phone, she saw 112 pictures  of his teacher, 14 video clips, and 158 exchanged messages between them, via the NY POST.

She also found two pictures that her son and Czananave posed in.

One text left the mother in shock, it read “Still not done with your stupid yearbook, but now I’m too drunk, too sentimental and too in love with you to continue.”

She told him that she would be free on July 21st to July 24th.

“If you’re in town,”   Czananave  wrote one night at 11:24 “we may want to talk this week about seeing if we can plan to make one of those items on our list partially checked off.”

“I’m all yours,” he texted back.

The mother handed those messages over to the SIA and just a couple months later, the music teacher resigned , in an attempt to avoid misconduct charges. Her husband, a physician,  believed that was the best decision that she could’ve made.

When the Post reached out for comment, Czananave, who has been a teacher for the past 12 years, stressed that she did not have sex with the teen.

“No, God no! That’s disgusting!” she said “I’ve never been inappropriate with any of my students.”

Questioned about why she wanted them to hang out on July 21st, she said that they had planned to go to “Broadway shows, restaurants and museums.”

Two other teachers at the same institution were caught in a similar scandal.

NY POST noted that teacher Sean Shaynak, then 44, was charged for sexually abusing seven of his female students in 2014. He pleaded guilty to a few of these  crimes, including kidnapping and was sentenced to 5 years in prison last year.  The lawsuits filed by 5 of his victims, were settled with a payout of $450,000.

Another staff member Robert Sutton Jr., 23, had resigned after the girl he had sent a picture of his penis and a video of him masturbating at the school to, had contacted the FBI.

A parent of one of  the Brooklyn tech students, is disgusted by the behaviors of  both Sutton and Shaynak.

“We’ve been forced to deal with these topics around here in the last few years. It’s enough,” she said.

Source: http://nypost.com/2016/12/11/aide-sent-student-a-video-of-him-masturbating-inside-school/

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