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A woman died suddenly after consuming a toxic herbal tea that  she had purchased ata  store in San Fransico’s China Town area.

According to the NY POST,u-Ping Xie, 56, of San Francisco, was one of two people who had fallen ill shortly  after buying tea leaves at  Sun Wing Wo Trading Company which was a little over a week after  the city officals had warned consumers  to avoid buying tea leaves at that location.

After drinking the tea on March 18th, she was rushed to the hospital where she later died, despite the warning that city officials had made  a week prior.

The other victim, a 30 year old  something man,whose name has not been revealed, became severly ill within an hour of drinking the tea that  had contained aconite.

Asconite is a carcinogenic chemical that causes an abnormally fast beating of the heart, which both victims had endured.

“Aconite, a plant-based toxin, was later found in lab tests of the patients and provided tea samples, city health officials said,” according to the NY POST.

Spokeswoman Rachael Kagan told the Chronicle that the male victim has fully recovered and is no longer being treated at the hospital.

San Francisco’s city examiner is working to determine the exact cause and manner of Xie’s  while the health department officials are working alongside the owner of the Chinatown store to track down where the contaminated products derived from, according to the POST.

Dr. Tomas Aragon, the health officer for the city and county of San Francisco, released a statement where he demanded that those that purchased any tea from that specific store ,  get rid of it right immediately.

Because there is no known antidote for aconite poisoning, it can cause rapid death.

Aconite — also known as monkshood, helmet flower, wolfsbane, chuanwu, caowu or fuzi is popularily  used in Asian herbal medicine to treat bruises, pain, and etc.

If not processed correctly, the toxic raw roots of the plant,  can cause numbness of the face, limcs, or mouth, alarmingly low blood presure, paralysis and an usual heart rhythm, the same source noted.

An ABC8 News reporter was kicked out after trying to speak to the owner of the Sun Wing Wo Trading Company store.




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