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Brandy Rusher

A former America’s Next Top Model contestant is battling for her life after being shot at a Houston apartment complex on Sunday..

The search for the suspects  who shot the season 4 contestant , Brandy Rusher,33,  along with three others with a high-powered rifle is ongoing.

Rusher, is in critical condition,  as she undergoes treatment in an intensive care unit, while two of the other victims died.

The two were Rusher’s brother, Wayne, and another relative of hers named Christopher Beatty.

According to ABC 13, just a few hours before the shooting occured, a huge argument between two sets of people had broken out.

Later that night at around 6:30, the suspects drove up to the complex and fired “15 to 18 rounds into the crowd before getting back in the car and leaving the area.”

“The suspects are described as heavy set black men in their early 30s.They were last seen driving away from the scene in a white, four-door vehicle,”according to the same source.





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