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CREDIT: 13abc

FBI recently arrested two Ohio pastors for their involvement in the sex trafficking of minors on Friday.

ABC NEWS reported that Federal documents alleges the  “recruiting, enticing and transporting”of  people  the two men knew were under 18, that  were forced to engage in sexual acts in exchange for money.

This all began 3 years ago with a girl who was 14 then.

On Friday, a U.S. magistrate judge Friday mandated that 46-year-old Cordell Jenkins and 37-year-old Anthony Haynes be held without bond until their April 13 hearing.

The same source cited that “the Toledo Blade reports ( ) Jenkins, pastor of Toledo’s Abundant Life Ministries, shook his head “no” as charges were read and indicated he will hire an attorney. Haynes told the magistrate he needed a court-appointed attorney until he ‘made some phone calls.'”

The FBI stated that the church is not involved in this case.

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