There has been an increased rate of racial discrimination against minorities within the past year or so and only seems to be getting worse.
To add fuel to the fire, two African American students at a Clay County District high school, found themselves at the center of a cruel and sick joke, when a photo of them appeared alongside an AD looking to sell two black saves for $470, First Coast News originally reported.
This AD was first discovered by Lexis Potter when she was just just browsing through Craigslist and had stumbled upon a photo that displayed two black students sitting at their desk with a caption that made her stomach drop.
In a recently deleted Facebook post, Potter expressed how awful it was to see such an AD, describing it as “sick, disgusting ‘joke’ and a horrible reflection upon this school and students.”
One of the teens in the photo, a current senior at the Fleming Island High School, who found out about it through SnapChat, said “I never thought somebody would do this to me. I had friends texting and calling me.”
Faye claims that this isn’t the first racial incident that’s occurred at her school, stating that the words “whites only,” were found scrawled above the toilets of her school’s bathroom, and noted that the administrators at her school did not do a single thing about it.
School officials from the Clay County District Schools released a statement where in it they wrote “We do not tolerate this type of behavior and we are disheartened that any of our students would be subject to discrimination.”
The school district is looking to implement a plan of action that would help strengthen the school’s diversity, according to the Superintendent Addison Davis.


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