Born in Haiti, raised in New York, Shahael Myrthil is the founder and writer of Shay Media Centric, the news outlet where the art of entertainment and gossip free news collide. Shahael knew this was the career she wanted to embark on four years ago when after covering her very first fashion show in 2013 for her college’s newspaper. Three years later, she graduated with a Communication Arts Degree (A.S) and holds 3 scholarship awards under her belt.
It doesn’t stop there! Being that education is one of her main priorities, Shahael is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in both English and Childhood Education while running through the halls for quotes and covering campus events as the recently elected Managing Editor of her school’s newspaper and attending as many media networking events as she can .
On her free time, she volunteers at two television stations with the intention of one day embarking on a career as a producer/reporter. She is also a freelance writer for sites like Campus News and The Odyssey and has also worked for Student Rate and was  a host at NCC’s radio station. As a college student by day and an aspiring journalist by night, Shahael is working diligently to have  her dreams manifested into reality, one day at a time. You can reach her at MzShahael@yahoo.com.
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